Rostering Automation: Top priority for Digital Transformation

 If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that we need to plan for the unplanned or be prepared for the unexpected. So, what does this have to do with Rostering Automation, and why should you care?

We’ve seen some businesses thrive, and unfortunately, some that have not, with the reality and the impact still felt global by all. To the companies that excelled, research shows it was due to them being able to;

  • have a culture that retains key staff to keep the doors open

  • adapt and comply with constant change, restrictions, and guidelines

  • pivot either their business model and GTM strategy and enable technologies that create crucial efficiencies and cost benefits

Where does Automated Rostering fit into the mix? A modern approach to workforce rostering enabled many of our customers to quickly adapt to the strict pandemic regulations stipulated by governments. For those using intelligent rostering systems, the ability to roster for the ever-changing COVID quarantine rules, unexpected and ongoing shutdowns, and rapidly changing demand, was seamless. This allowed for more focus on workforce morale, employee well-being, process improvement to drive operational efficiency to achieve cost reductions (remain competitive in a volatile market). Rostering done right can find the ultimate balance between employee health & safety and productivity improvements.

Although many businesses without automated rostering systems have survived, an emerging realisation is that a simplified and automated approach to rostering is key to ensure continued survival and plan for the unexpected – not just pandemics.

We know there are local and global businesses out there managing – workforce health and safety, rosters, scheduling, training, compliance, documents, flights, quarantine, reporting and much more through excel or other disparate systems. But the question to answer is – will this approach keep your financial footing on solid ground? We need to fight to thrive, not to survive.

If this is you, perhaps it is time to rethink your rostering approach? We are seeing restrictions ease in some countries; our own is on stricter regulations in some states. Whatever the case is for your organisation right now, the truth remains that you need to pivot fast and mobilise your workforce to maximise productivity and keep ahead of the unknown.

So, if you are considering any digital transformation right now, an automated and considered approach to workforce rostering should be at the top of your list. 

Ask yourself, are you gaining enough value from your current rostering approach, or are you fighting to survive?

If you want to know more about how DIMO Rostering can improve your roster and workforce planning, please get in touch with us now, or book a demo.