Increase throughput and improve safety and compliance with kavern

At Biarri EMI, we are passionate about how commercial mathematics can empower miners to make smarter business decisions. To this end, we’ve developed a fully optimised scheduling and short interval control solution for load and haul in underground hard rock mines that maximises throughput, optimises shift plans, and increases safety and compliance.

But, don’t take our word for it. What does Newcrest Mining think?

“I am very impressed with Kavern’s ability to quickly and accurately solve the increasingly critical load and haul fleet optimisation concerns here in Telfer. Kavern has exceeded our expectations and delivered quantitative improvements in the tonne kilometre per hour rates for the trucking fleet and in the utilisation of loaders. It has become an integral tool in improving our capability to highlight and take advantage of short interval control opportunities on a daily basis by reducing planning time and responses to our complex mining interactions. Kavern also improves management oversight through a great visual snap shot of real-time states/availabilities which has been readily accepted by both Newcrest and Byrnecut management” – Brad Brown, Underground Control Room Supervisor – Telfer, Newcrest Mining.

Want to increase production and compliance on your site?

We would love to discuss your strategy for an optimised scheduling and short interval control solution. What excites you? What challenges do you see? How do you envision your plan changing down the road? At minimum you’ll leave with some interesting facts about how other Mine Mangers are making an impact on production targets. Book a 15 minute call.

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